Shopify Plus integration

Email marketing platform integration for Shopify Plus businesses

Shopify Plus partner that integrates with your website

Klaviyo has a seamless integration process with Shopify Plus. It provides API support and also allows customization or direct integrations for more complex software. Features that include multi-channel attribution, our platform is designed to unlock data about your customers and their preferences and turn it into targeted, personalized email-marketing. When you combine this rich data with powerful automation, deeper segmentation, and automated data science, forming deeper customer relationships is a breeze. Join other leading Shopify Plus brands like Chubbies, Apt2B, and ColourPop and start marketing the way customers expect.

Truly personalized automations

Trigger Flows based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B tests and more to target & optimize.

Richer segmentation

Define segments without limitations. Use any combination of events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more — over any time range.

Cutting-edge data science

Automatically-generated predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and out-of-the-box personalized product recommendations.

Full lifecycle engagement

Deliver targeted, branded forms to build your marketing list. Then, engage customers through multiple channels and use predictions to anticipate churn or target high-value customers.

One-click integrations

Over 70 pre-built, one-click integrations plus open APIs to ensure that you can easily get your business’ data into Klaviyo without hassle.

Rapid setup

Takes minutes — not hours, days or weeks to integrate Klaviyo. Automatically syncing all historical data and all future data for stronger marketing communications.

Hands down the best Shopify Plus integration

Not all integrations are created equal. Details matter. That’s why we built the most powerful integration possible. And, it takes just minutes to set up.

Full sync of historical data

Automatically ingest all orders and customers without stressing servers or requiring dev effort.

Pre-built flow templates

Get started faster with a library of Shopify-specific automation & email templates.

Every order, every detail

We sync every important action and detail on every order without limitation. Know exactly what your customers are purchasing.

Codeless signup forms

Deploy Klaviyo signup forms without the need to write a single line of code.

Dynamic coupons

Easily send individualized coupons to your customers.

Product data enrichment

Automatically sync product attributes to checkout, order events, and catalog records.

Back in Stock Alerts

Out of stock products are no longer a lost sale. Let customers subscribe to alerts when items are back in stock — it’s that easy.

Personalized product recommendations

Easy-to-use, zero-setup product recommendations based on customer purchase history.

Customer-level predictions

Klaviyo automatically predicts lifetime value, churn risk, and more for every customer.