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Klaviyo’s most popular guides and benchmark reports live right here. Find the most up-to-date resources for the most compelling challenges in ecommerce, right now.

Owned marketing resources

The bread and butter of DTC marketing—Facebook Ads —lost major efficacy to Apple’s iOS 14.5 update. These guides are built to help you better balance your marketing efforts, and grow a larger owned marketing audience to control your brand's destiny.


Our guides are long, but informative research projects put together to help you grow faster by leveraging your Customer-First Data to build stronger relationships. Find the one that fits your company’s growth stage.

Benchmark reports

With more than 100K customers across all ecommerce industries, Klaviyo has access to unparalleled proprietary data. And we use it by first anonymizing it and then analyzing it to uncover what is working best in email and SMS right now.

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