Email and SMS marketing automation—built for ecommerce

Target the right people, increase retention, and drive more repeat sales at higher cart values with hyper-targeted, behavior-triggered messages.
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Scale your omnichannel marketing

Increase your ROI while saving time with email and SMS automation.

Higher customer lifetime value

Behavior-triggered email and SMS are dynamically personalized for each buyer to drive higher ROI.

Complete customer profile

All your customer data—profiles, transactions, browsing history, even predicted behaviors—all in one profile view.

Real-time segmentation

Segment based on products purchased in a specific timeframe, website browsing behavior, order value, and more.

Accurate omnichannel attribution

Email, SMS, forms, social targeting, and push notifications all under one roof for accurate attribution and a seamless experience.

Effortless email and SMS automation

Dozens of essential flows are built in, fully customizable and ready for any mix of emails and texts.

  • Welcome series based on acquisition source
  • Browse abandonment based on cart value
  • Win-back and cross-sell to inactive contacts
  • Back-in-stock and price-drop alerts for VIPs
  • Happy birthday messages with a discount
  • Order and shipping updates
  • Direct mail to big spenders through webhooks
Automation example: One week before expected order, send SMS if consented, otherwise send postcard if predicted lifetime value exceeds $100.

220+ built-in integrations for more advanced personalization

Once you integrate, you can send customers highly personalized email and SMS based on every interaction with your brand. You can integrate with platforms for:

  • Payments
  • Orders
  • Loyalty
  • Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Support tickets
      A list of software and platforms that Klaviyo integrates with, including WooCommerce and gorgias

      Advanced features to advance your growth

      An email builder showing the creation of a dynamic cross-sell email

      Bring in a dynamic product feed of the products in their cart, other bestsellers, or products they’ve viewed, customized for each buyer.

      An email builder showing the creation of a dynamic cross-sell email