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Things started off so well: Cookies helped make the web more personal. But then businesses started buying and selling customer data, everybody’s information got a lot less private, and all that behind-the-scenes tracking started to feel more like stalking. Now that regulations are cracking down on third-party data practices, it’s time to move on—before things get messy.

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First-party data (or Customer-First Data™, as we like to call it) is information that you gather directly from your customers. The process isn’t so different from dating: You ask about their interests, get their number when it feels right, and earn their trust. There’s no need to settle for third-party data when you can learn so much through sign-up forms and the activity on your ecommerce store. And all the info you collect is yours.

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Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing directors—we’ve partnered with the best and brightest to create the ultimate guide to ditching third-party data and going customer-first.

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